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Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management

Ensuring your business is adhering to regulations at a state, federal, international level is critical to building a successful operation.  These regulations may change frequently and often times it may seem insurmountable to adapt the company’s policies and regulatory standards and practices to align with the new mandates – especially while juggling the BAU activities of the company.  Traxion works with companies to help identify the required changes in detail, propose both tactical and strategic solutions, and build a project plan and roadmap for achieving these changes to become aligned with regulatory standards.

  • Business Practice Uplift
  • Compliance Regulation Adherence
  • RCSA, OCC, SEC Mandate Preparation
  • Legal, Risk, Compliance Coordination
  • Data Privacy, Security, Governance
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Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management

“I was hired to assist a major financial institution in preparing for an upcoming audit from the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency).  The new mandate highlighted existing gaps in the process and policy of the company regarding maker/checker functionality that was required, data/document retention laws, and reporting practices that were not being carried out.  I put together a full list of items that were required for risk mitigation, formed working groups with each of the respective businesses and regions, and developed a tiered plan to close each of the items.  We then delivered solutions that ensured we were properly aligned with the changing environment within the OCC regulations.  In the final month of my contract with the Firm, we underwent the OCC audit and each of the benchmarks set by the regulators were hit, ensuring the company was fully complying with the established laws.  Finally, I put a plan in place that allowed them to easily adapt their practices based on any future changes they may encounter.”

-Traxion Employee