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Process Reengineering & Policy Design

Companies growing organically or inorganically typically struggle with having documented and/or consistent business processes and policies. We work with your organization to document the current state and assist in designing and implementing the future state across the enterprise. The implementation plan will focus on the highest total value solutions assessing value factors, risk factors and ease of implementation.

  • Shared Services & Outsourcing
  • Risk Management
  • Operational Improvement
  • Financial Close, Budgeting & Forecasting
Business Process Reengineering Consulting Diagram

“When COVID-19 hit we identified some operational risks to off-shore activities.  We asked Traxion to step in to quickly learn and execute these at-risk activities as part of our business continuity plan.  Within weeks, Traxion owned full execution of these activities, and promptly began identifying opportunities to streamline and create efficiency gains.  Six months later, with the operational risks having mostly subsided, Traxion has reengineered an 80% reduction of manual activities related to these global processes by identifying and executing on various automation opportunities.  To close this project, Traxion has transitioned these streamlined processes back to our off-shore teams, but with a higher-level of process integrity and having created additional capacity across our off-shroe teams due to significant process automation.  Our internal teams have been impressed by how seamlessly Traxion has been able to assimilate to our culture and quickly learn our process.

It is worth noting that Traxion did not have specific subject matter expertise in any of these activities.  Nevertheless, due to their ability to clearly understand our business needs and their dogged pursuit of continuous process improvement opportunities, they have helped us turn a key risk into a big achievement for the year.”

– Global Head of Operations, Leading Global Alternative Investment Management Firm

“I love solving problems, and that is what this company had.  While they had done a good job growing a business for many years, they took on this new challenge which created a few issues with respect to how they handled supply chains for their companies.  During the initial and brief explanation of what they were experiencing during our interview, I was able to provide them a few possible gaps they may not have considered in their processes and procedures.  After I was able to get into the weeds of their policies, I was able to identify areas where they were essentially duplicating efforts.  Being afforded the ability to help this company eliminate waste in their processes was very fulfilling for me.  I was even invited to my client’s 50th birthday party.”

-Traxion Employee