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Project Management & Business Analysis

Profitability information is no longer sufficient at summary levels in order to manage operations effectively. Organizations demand detailed profitability figures across various dimensions such as product category, department and location – many even require drilling down to the transactional level – in order to make sound strategic business decisions. Traxion has helped firms mine this data, analyze activity-level cost drivers and identify opportunities to more accurately report on and increase profitability.

  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Agile Methodology
  • Waterfall Methodology
  • Business Analysis
  • System Gap Analysis
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project management

“Traxion Group supported several projects for our firm during their engagement.  Their consultants delivered management reporting solutions in a professional and dependable manner providing leadership teams with the tools needed to make informed decisions in a timely fashion.  They communicated efficiently and effectively with our senior management teams and seamlessly integrated with our staff in a way that they were thought of as ‘part of the team’.  They delivered business process improvement solutions by connecting people, data, and technology.”

– Executive Director, Fortune 100 U.S. Bank

“A major financial institution dealing with Front Office and Client facing applications was having a hard time rolling out tools that would benefit the avenues of communication and document sharing between their Financial Analysts and Banking clients.  There were about a dozen products within the portfolio that I was hired to manage.  Acting as a hybrid BA (Business Analyst) and PM (Project Manager), I worked with each of the product leads/teams to understand their products in detail.  Putting together a plan that included Development, Testing, Deployment, LCR (Legal, Compliance, Risk) engagement, Implementation, and Product Adoption, I was able to establish a realistic roadmap for the entire portfolio.  There were times that I was needed for diving into data details, putting together comprehensive system gap analyses.  Other times I was tasked with leading working groups across multiple workstreams, ensuring the management of the project was smooth and aggressive.  We were able to develop and release more products than were originally planned in the organizations roadmap that year.  Finally, I helped create an Adoption Team within the organization that assisted in pre-release and post-release communications, trainings, and marketing techniques to ensure optimized usage and feedback on the products.”

-Traxion Employee