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Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Through data analytics we investigate and summarize large sums of data points with the intent to extract useful information and develop it into meaningful business intelligence. We perform this in either an exploratory or a confirmatory setting. Analytics can be performed on all types of data sets and can help you solve problems and gain intelligence in such areas as Sales, Transportation, Inventory, Purchasing and Manufacturing. Our aim is to create sustainable solutions whereby we work with your team to provide the most meaningful business insight.

  • Dashboarding & Data Visualizations
  • Performance Metrics & Scorecarding
  • Information Management
  • Data Modeling & Analytics
  • Internal & Competitive Benchmarking
Read Our Case Study

“I had the pleasure of working with Traxion on a strategic metrics initiative with a goal of building out Key Performance Indicators, Key Risk Indicators along with Key Labor Drivers. This gave us greater visibility in understanding the current performance, along with helping to better identify critical actions, resulting in better performance in the future. They accomplished this through a series of visually engaging dashboards that provided views for different levels of our organization.

Traxion’s ability to integrate and complement our employee team was unlike anything I have seen with other consultancies.  They work with you, not around you.  Another thing that stood out with them was they have an adeptness to strike the balance between theoretical concepts, and what was practical to our business.  I truly appreciated them as honest, reliable business partners and look forward to engaging with them on future initiatives.”

– Managing Director, Operations for Fortune 100 Financials Services Firm 

“I live for data.  At Traxion we know that, how businesses look at their data is paramount to driving a successful company.  In today’s world, data is everywhere, collected by the minute and generally stored without any action plan as to how to capitalize on the information collected.  I love to help companies organize their data and allow them to see how best to drive their investment strategy based on easy-to-read visualizations.  Providing these companies with a sense of ownership and comfort with their data in order to help drive more business, is something I take pride in, and love doing.”

-Traxion Employee