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Profitability & Cost Management

Profitability information is no longer sufficient at summary levels in order to manage operations effectively. Organizations demand detailed profitability figures across various dimensions such as product category, department and location – many even require drilling down to the transactional level – in order to make sound strategic business decisions. Traxion has helped firms mine this data, analyze activity-level cost drivers and identify opportunities to more accurately report on and increase profitability.

  • Activity-Based Costing
  • Capacity Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Modeling & Reporting
cost management

“Often times our Firm is hired to assist with problems in understanding costly pitfalls within their organization.  They tirelessly review their metrics and associated costs to producing those metrics at a macro level, and often times have trouble identifying the minute details within those figures to determine the root cause.  Without this information, it’s nearly impossible to implement strategic solutions for generating profits.  We were onboarding to assist with this transactional information by mining their data and incorporating time-based estimates for activity-level cost drivers.  Our client was so happy with the work produced and cost saved that she referred us to another one of her counterparts within their organization.  We’ve been there now for a few years and have serviced several clients within the same Firm.”

-Traxion Employee